Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Holes

This past summer, Jenna was either just back from Brazil or on her way to her summer routine of fuge camping and had some of the girls over for craft night. Personally, I was really excited since I had been in an office building for a long time and the chance to break free was like an opportunity of a lifetime...

I was planning on doing some watercolors, Jenna was either sketching or something similar, Tori was painting her nails, and Emily was putting together a scrapbook of all her student's drawings (really, could that be any more precious?). How did I remember all these nitty gritty details, you may ask. Well this night was very memorable:

Tori needed to leave early and I was blocking her in in the driveway. Jenna's apartment is built off her parent's garage and you have to get through an iron gate to get to her door, but the hallway you walk into leads to the pool in the back yard where Caroline dwells. Caroline: honestly, probably one of the cutest dogs, but, unfortunate for me, she's a creature of habit, also scared of the dark (dun dun dunnn). As all of you probably know, I'm vertically challenged. Jenna, whom some of you don't know, she is not. She is tall with brown hair. I am short with blonde hair, or it was blonde this summer due to the blessing of natural highlights. Back to Tori, she needed to leave and it was already pitch black outside. I walk out first probably giggling about something (shocker) and then " WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!!" Gigantor Caroline, who I purposefully left out is a Great Dane, comes up to my neck on me when calm and standing still, is barreling down on me. Everything was almost a blur, except for the screams and the "OUCH!!". I get back in the apartment and Caroline is angrily barking at the door like, "How dare you be short and walk out on my property!". She sure showed me.

looks like the culprit, but she's so pretty. boo height deficiencies.

I'm standing in Jenna's living room holding my side and my upper thigh. I don't know what anyone is saying, I'm just standing there. Holding myself together. It felt like time had stood still, I don't think I knew what else to do. Finally Jenna asks me if I'm okay, and I think I respond with, "...uh, I don't know...". She takes me to her bathroom, I lift up my shirt and I hear, "OH CLARA!". Aw crap. What? I look at my side and see teeth scratches. Then I start laughing. How did this happen? How does this always happen to me? (laugh laugh laugh). I think Jenna thought I had lost my mind. Then she goes, "Did she get your butt too?" Yes, yes she did. I pull my pants down and DID SHE EVER! Jenna is yelling "I'M SO SORRY OMIGOSH OMIGOSH.... I'M SO SORRY! MOM, COME LOOK AT WHAT YOUR DOG DID!!" Her poor, sweet mother. Oh bless. My favorite part was when Jenna goes, "How about we put a Captain America band-aid on that?"

I walk out and fall onto the couch, I can't stop laughing. Jenna and her mom keep apologizing. Finally, after all my adrenaline wears off, I feel the pain of my new holes and I go home. Swim suit season was fun trying to hide the one on muh bum. So one of the scariest experiences, but also one of the funniest. I'm also glad it happened at Jenna's because the two of us could not have handled it better. Laughter really is the best medicine, Captain Amercuh helped too.
This is my life. Sit and stay a while. It gets better.

Monday, October 24, 2011

hey random, hey

My birthday is coming up. I'm pretty excited because this is one year closer to being able to rent a car!! What? No. That's just silly. I'm really excited about it because about a week and a half after the day of my birth, I'm going to Disney World to see Harry Potter and fall in love with those books all over again.

I'm not sure why I started with that; I haven't thought about my birthday in a while. I really had about 10 other things on my mind. I think for my jubilant return, I'll be serious. I have a couple funny stories to share, but I think I'm going to call some kids out, subtly, naturally. Hold on to your britches!!! I'm probably going to be talking about you... Aren't you excited?

Okay, so really this isn't mean, but I know I'm an observational person who likes to point out when people do something. My reasons for this are so that either I'll learn to be more respectful and kind or so that they'll see, if they read this jumbled mess, that they have some things about them they should consider taking a second look at. I have the great privilege to be friends with brilliant people, even if I don't care for what they love, I love to see them passionate. With football season upon us, I have to bite my tongue. I am most normally surrounded by Auburn fans, which isn't terrible, and since I don't pull for that team it's a stretch of love I'm willing to give to hear those kids talk about how amazing their team is and how much they "bleed orange and blue"( to be scientifically correct, that sounds dangerous and you should get that looked at). However, what I will no longer tolerate is a person who is so beaten down by their team's loss that they can't bear to be around people. They'd rather sit by themselves and wallow in their pathetic misery over a team that they 1) don't play on, 2) have put nothing into except some money for tickets and money for the belligerent (if you follow me on twitter, this has become my word of the week... no place is off limits) alcohol spree they went on after their team lost, and 3) are most likely not even friends with anyone on the team. I totally understand being upset; I get upset when Alabama does something dumb, but I am either mature enough or not so dependent on a team's performance that I cease to function like the person I am the other 6 days of the week. Grow up, guys. Your wife will abhor your behavior one day, she will, I promise. And remember, I LOVE FOOTBALL. I love it. So so much. Upset for a hot minute or 10, sure. 2 hours after the game is over? Absolutely not. Am I speaking from experience? Not really, nothing that really affected me, but remember how I'm observational? K, Thanks.

I have one of the silliest BFF's in the world, @scottymo88. Homeboy makes me laugh all the time. He also lives an annoying distance away and teased me with a little visit at the beginning of October and since then I've gone through horrible withdrawals. Kid, get home.

School... (look guys it's been a while since I've been personal, I need to get out my life stories before I talk about how my life is awkwardly wonderful) gahhhhhhhhhhh... knowing that I have to CONTINUE my education if I really want my master's makes me want to fall down and break my leg. I don't know what that would do, but I just can't even wrap my mind around MORE SCHOOL. This semester has easily been my most difficult. Some of my classes are challenging, but I really think it's because I've stopped caring. That's so bad... I love school, despite my previous declarations... I'm kind of torn between loving it and never wanting it to end and wanting to be free so I can have adventures in Africa or Pennsylvania or California. In that order. (I know you didn't see this, but I just got really introspective)

I think for now, before I get into the dirties of my heart and the really personal stuff, I'll bid adieu.

Oh! If you can all make a wish for me on my birthday, it needs to be that I can have more time to devote to this joy of a creation, my blizzog.

Here's a picture of my neph for the family:

he says my name now: arrah