Monday, February 28, 2011


there are 3 staple articles of clothing that i bring with me on almost every trip i take: pajama pants, sweatshirt and an over sized t-shirt. together, these make up the most comfortable trifecta known to (wo)man. these are leftovers from ex-boyfriends, and sometimes could be considered the best part of them. these 3 articles are from 3 previous relationships. 2 of the pieces are from big time ex's, the other piece doesn't deserve the title ex, he's more of an "eh".

i went out to arizona recently and when i was packing i remember scrounging to find that overly loved t-shirt... then i caught my self asking why. why do i need this so badly? why must i always have this t-shirt/ sweatshirt/ pair of pj's when i go away? *gasp* oh now... why do i "need" them? (insert deep thoughts about feelings and all kinds of crap) (psychology, gets me every time)
i "need" them just like i need my bright red stilettos, because i have a relationship with them. i love them, and they make me happy.

  • pajama pant guy: boy went AWOL after we broke up. i would see him around and i don't think even catching your best friend making out with your boyfriend could have felt more uncomfortable than this encounter made me feel... every time i bloody saw him. the worst. he got over it soon enough and got married to some fresh meat, and now he's happy... at least i think he is. he defriended me on facebook. (wonk, wonk, wooooooonk)

  • t-shirt guy, a.k.a. the "eh"... i tried to give his clothes back. i didn't even want them, which is kind of a huge thing since guy's clothes are the most comfortable in the world. however, he's severely conceited, so while we were hanging out for the last time, he forgot about them and traipsed off to play with his purposefully disheveled hair. i'm keeping them because i plan on never seeing him ever again. if i do ever see him, well, i won't so that's that.

  • sweatshirt guy: we're actually wonderful friends now, and he knows i'm never giving that blessed sweatshirt back and i never even once attempted to give it back, along with another few t-shirts i took... in fact, i wear that thing in front of him and relish in its warmth and happiness. i know, sorry buddy.

i certainly don't treasure these items more than any other articles of clothing, but they were free and they come with a handy-dandy memory or two. and sometimes, just sometimes, i feel like i got the better end of the break-up... i get the joy of being warm and comfortable all the time. what else could a girl ask for?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i wake up to...

i love etsy. there are so many adorable shops and all kinds of wonderful designers out there and they are just so sweet to share their talent with the world. i stumbled on this shop this morning. they have things like:
hello lovely...

and then this...

every morning i wake up with songs in my head. sometimes they can be as lame as "mary had a little lamb", or they can be as wonderful as adele songs, like this gem "rolling in the deep". have a great wednesday everyone!

listen. love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SOTD: The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

so i saw these guys last week and i can't get their songs out of my head. this one and "falling" have been on repeat, so i need to share them. This is The Civil Wars and "Poison & Wine". prepare for all the loveliness in the world to collide in your ears.

listen. love.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have an issue. I let books that I read affect my daily life. The biggest problem so far is the most wonderful books ever written ever, ever, ever Harry Potter series. As an avid fan, I have allowed my imagination to run wild (like that's any different from what I allow my mind to do anyway) and almost always link any conversation into "Potterarian" concepts. Btw, I totally have dibs on coining that word. Here are a few scenarios:

  • I was leaving my friend Alaura's house one night really late, or really early in the morning, and sleepiness had encroached upon me. It was painfully cold and all the water in any sewer or drainage ditch was steaming up from the ground. Her neighborhood has no lights on the street, not good for this girl who 1) is horribly directionally challenged and 2) is almost as blind as a bat, especially at night. I'm driving, I don't see it coming, but there's a drainage ditch ahead. (dun uh... dun uh...) I get closer. (dun uh, dun uh, dun uh...) WHITE MIST!!! All alone in the car I scream, "AHHH DEMENTOR!!!!". 
i totally saw this

  • I have just recently fallen in love with The Civil Wars. Their new album is called Barton Hollow. False. To me it's Godric's Hollow. 
  •  I use "disapparate" at least 3 times a week in regular conversation. My friends can vouch for this.
  • Sometimes, when I'm talking about Voldemort, I refer to him as "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named".
  •  Also, @Lord_Voldemort7 is one of the most influential tweeters in my day. That's mostly because he's hilarious and sometimes he says things that I always want to say, but I'm too afraid to type it out. So I retweet.
I think more so now than ever do my Potterarians surface, because I have friends finally reading the books. And probably because, and let's be honest people, being a muggle isn't all that it's cracked up to be, am I right? Also, knowing I could produce magical babies!! What?! Is anything cooler? I'll answer that for you. N-O. I know the guys are British, but let's get real, George and Fred? Yum. And Harry is presh... and for you sick Twilight fans, hellooo, Cedric Diggory.  Magic over glitter any day. Didn't you people see what happened to Mariah Carey after she did "Glitter"? She had to marry Nick Cannon to get popular again. Nobody needs to suffer like that. I don't know how I got to this point... Potterarians to Nick Cannon. Eh, whatevs. If my serious tangents haven't convinced you to read or reread these books, which wasn't my original intention, I know I've just convinced myself to reread them. Check 'em. I'll even help you purchase them... here you go. Remember, if you don't read them, you'll marry a Nick Cannon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

disney nailed it

little did we know, as wee children, that disney was already corrupting our minds to view the world as they viewed it. now, since lsd wasn't available to children, most of us had to rely on our imaginations to think like the disney imagineers. (<--- this has almost nothing to do with this --->) for some reason i get very reflective when i shower. not that i start to glow or anything, but i start thinking about things that have happened to me in my life. i always think about auburn. there are about 9 bajillion things i forget that happened until something stirs my memory. so, the other morning, as i was showering i remembered this:

I lived on this little road in Auburn called Hampton. It was completely duplexes and the street was just lovely. It was quiet and, lucky for the 6 year old in me, there was a creek that ran behind my house. The creek was connected to the back side of a wonderful park called Town Creek. TC had a sweet running trail, and being cheap and not wanting to join a gym, I ran all the time. There was a huge (to my little legs it was huge) hill that went through a side of a cemetery, then it would loop out to the main road, and circle back into the park. I ran that trail either twice a day or twice in a row, which explains the tendinitis I suffer from now. On the back side of TC, where I typically entered, there was a nice pond. I've had 2 sets of friends gets engaged at this park... I wasn't kidding when I said it was wonderful. On one gorgeous spring day, I was minding my own business and going through my run. Most of the time I forgo listening to music when I run so I can either just take the time to not think, or take the time to enjoy no electronics and it's just me and the gravel getting to know one another. When I fall, the gravel gets to know me too intimately, but that's another story. It was a good thing I didn't have my ipod because I would have never heard my enemy approaching. The pond had a ton of ducks, if the day was right. That day, was the right day. I was almost done, winding back around to the back entrance, closing in on the first bridge when I hear a loud and angry "QUAAAAACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!". I turned to see 3 ducks chasing me down.
I stop jogging and start running. I see two other runners coming towards me and I start yelling, "TURN AROUND!! DUCKS!! EVIL DUCKS!!". They laughed initially, but then after they passed me, I heard them yell and change directions. I was terrified. This didn't go on for just a second, they were on a hot pursuit. They followed me all the way over the bridges and down the road to University. It took me two weeks before I could run in that park again. I was scarred. And the fear hasn't left me. I like ducklings, just like I like kittens, but once they grow up, game over. I pretend to be excited about going to feed them with the kids I babysit, but I try so hard to make sure I don't have to be anywhere near them.
he wants to see if you smell good enough to eat

nothing about this is cute

so when i say disney nailed, i mean it. donald duck had a quick temper and was easily pissed off. warner bros. had daffy duck. also an angry and easily aggrivated duck. maybe they were just preparing us for when we were older. lisa frank was trying to make bears and tigers look like your friends, all glittery and covered with flower stickers if you wanted them to be "look kids! tigers and bears love to be sparkly and flowered up! pet them, love them." see how they never brought ducks in? disney was spittin the truth and lisa wasn't going to pretend they were wrong. 

fig. 1
fig. 2