Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I love everything about college. I do, really. Even though I complain about tests or paper or any other kind of work I have to put into passing a class, I still love everything about it. It's prevented me from entering the big, bad world  yet and I'm okay with that for right now. I'm mainly okay with this because it leaves me time to do things I enjoy doing, like reading, drawing, or SHOPPING. This post is not about clothes, even though there are about 500 things I want for the Spring months; cardigans take up 59% of my desired wardrobe. (rabbit trail) I saw this guy today on campus, actually had the pleasure of passing him, and he had on the most wonderful outfit ever; grey wash straight jeans, dark corduroy TOMS, a vintage wash graphic tee, and a glorious dark mustard and brown old man cardi with over sized brown woven buttons and a collar. I know my jaw dropped, and I don't even care. I relished in his "pshh, I don't care what I look like, I just threw this on" attitude, and his amazing ability to dress*.

Anyway, this wasn't about clothes. Or was it... remember how I love college and clothes? Sometimes great things come out of both of these entities being put together. Sometimes, things get ugly. I know I'm not in impeccable shape--working on that-- however, I also have the foresight to know when an outfit can turn into something dreadful. Leggings. I adore them. I'm a cold natured person, except when I sleep... [Dear Future Husband, if your body touches mine and I'm sleeping, that's not drool, it's sweat. Also, If I snuggle with you and I'm playing big spoon and then I move away from you, your shoulder does not have drool on it,  it's sweat. Never drool, always sweat. Weird, I know. I apologize in advance.]... so I wear leggings under jeans on a regular basis. I even wear leggings under jeggings. It's an issue. Anyway, I know how to wear leggings if I don't have them under jeans. Long shirts girls, long ones. Ones that cover your hiney, and ones that don't hug to your body, kind of defeats the purpose. Too often I see girls breaking this rule. Short shirts... ugh, WHY?! Wait, short shirts and you're 5'3 190 lbs? Oh. Em. Gee.  Sweetie... just no. Never shall you ever. I saw a girl the other day, as I was walking out to the Liberal Arts parking lot and was trapped behind this girl who moved like molasses. Look honey, just because a hot dog is fat crap squeezed into a case and people eat it does not mean people will like it if you try the same thing with your legs. I kept wondering if the seams were going to bust. Rude? Maybe. I think I might have been more rude not to point out that she looked like a sausage link. Guh-ag.

Alright, who's next? Mom Jeans. They need to die. Those along with Dad Jeans. One of my professors, my favorite by far this semester, rocks those like a hurricane (<--- see what I did there). No lie. He is the exception. He's got this serious built upper body, like he used to pick people up just to carry them around and show off how strong he was. He's not disgustingly built, I've never understood the appeal, but he's so broad and "Rrrrghh"-ish. Back to the pants, he wears them to every class. The thing I don't get is that he's an attorney and I thought, by default, those men typically ran to nicer, in style clothing. I was sorely mistaken. I can't hate on him though, he's much too endearing. But those "pants". I can't take people seriously in them. Hello, 1995? You have a time traveler lost in the 21 Century. You can take his pants back? I need to redress him. Oh boy, he's lucky I like him.

So clothes... sorry about that. LOOK! Something pretty :)

i need the freaking heck out of this.

* Story may have been slightly exaggerated... Did I mention he had dark hair and and scruffy face? Hollaaa!
Journal: beautiful

Friday, January 21, 2011

legen... wait for it... dary.

recently, i've become mildly obsessed with how i met your mother. so obsessed that i might even have the theme song as my ringtone... i might. this is what happens to me when regular tv goes on a break for the winter months. to me it doesn't completely make sense since most viewing audiences are college age and they have a month long break to watch all that tv they put on hold. dumb.

anyway, how i met is an new all time favey fave. i got season one on friday the 14th and i was already on season 3 by tuesday the 18th... you may judge. hmmm... i'm completely in love with ted mosby and i want so desperately to have a barney in my life. i kind of want to be/actually am robin, fear of commitment and all, and lily... she is a nut job and i love that. well not to bore everyone, all 2 of my readers, with that nonsense, i say all that to say, tv makes me never want to grow up. i mean, i do really want to, but at the same time i want to live in an apartment above mclarens and meet everyone for beers everyday, whenever i feel like it. i know i live in a world where people my age rarely do grow up, so this seems at least plausible.

ted mosby, architect

but then i'm conflicted with my love for old movies and colin firth. colin is always a responsible, smoking HOT, man who just lets the world ride on his shoulders. i also want to be with him. i just saw the king's speech --see it, it's amazing. even with the speech impediment he's still so suave and, well to be frank, or sue, delicious. pride and prejudice sparked my interest in mr. firth. i even sunk as low as an amanda bynes movie, just to watch him look wonderful. it's an illness i have. i also seem to have a thing for taller, dark and handsome. if any of you are out there, you know where to find me... or at least to contact me. jk, but really.

love at first ruffle

scruff + colin = BAM!
i love ted and i love colin. i can't choose between the two, and i don't know if there is any way that could make me. these are my hollywood dream stars... well them and ryan reynolds... and jude law... and...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

the day Hitler became the Taliban

Some of you don't know me all that well; this post is dedicated to you. Enjoy.

When I was a wee little lady, I lived down the road from my cousins, two sets of cousins actually. Triple trouble. My house was right in the middle of the sets of cousins, so when my mom wasn't home, everyone would meet there. We had this sweet forest behind our house with a super huge tree that we would climb up and make castles out of its limbs. We also had a little creek right next to house that fed into a larger one down the road. Oh and we were also on a mountain, so closer to one cousin's house, there were caverns and a cliff. The other cousin's house had a pool and an amazing view of the city, something we didn't appreciate until we were older.

All together, there were 14 of us that hung out and reeked havoc on our neighbors. One of my favorite places to go was across the street.  Up the hill, we were on the downward slope, there was a wooded area that we had made into another kingdom/hide-out from the parents when we were in trouble for pissing our neighbors off. On the other side of the woods there stood, in all its glory, an amazing house. When I say amazing, I mean that as an 8 year-old even I was stunned by its beauty. The architecture was impeccable, the slate and rock siding was so incredible that, when we played up there, we played the paupers. We knew we weren't worthy to even pretend live there.

I guess my dad went through a phase of making us watch the History Channel all the time to make sure we were getting a proper education, and the Nazi's were the main topic. Either that or an episode really stuck with me... I do remember having a fear that Hitler was still alive... good grief DAD! What were you polluting my innocent mind with?!

Anyway, there was this one time in particular that I remember like it was yesterday. My boy cousins, probably Patton, Nicholas, and/or Reed, and I were playing that there were Nazi's on the loose and Germany was being taken over (dun, dun, dunnnn)! By the way, Germany was this massive rock, and guess who lived in the beautiful house... that's right, Hitler. Since the old couple that lived there barely tolerated us, we were not allowed anywhere inside their house, or patio for that matter. I had gotten very into this game of "Catch Hitler" before I realized that I had an enormous fear of the cousin that was playing Hitler. The excuse we gave him to not have to hide out in his house, because that was not even close to being a reality, was that it had been infiltrated with spies for the other side and he had to go into hiding. Somehow we changed the rules to where it was okay that we magically became American's and the Nazi's we were previously, were somewhere in the woods trying to kill us. The cousin that played Hitler, my fear of him mentioned previously, told us the only was to kill him was to hurl rocks at him. Seemed reasonable, Hitler was evil and it would take a lot to bring him down. I was on a mission: KILL HITLER (stop)

Rocks were flying. I don't remember if it was me or one of the other boys playing with me that threw it, but we managed to kill Hitler. With Hitler dead, we now had my ailing cousin to attend to. Gash in the forehead, that's what the 8 year-old paramedics decided was wrong. How do you fix that? "Uhhh... uhhh... WRAP YOUR SHIRT AROUND HIS HEAD! ... Hmm, something about this doesn't look right. Do you think that looks like a turban?" Play it cool guys, play it cool. Let's leave the house in a single file. Walk through the woods, single file. Cross the street and actually look both ways, still in single file. Guy with the wrapped head, stay in the middle. We were very cautious kids... once we knew we did something we shouldn't have, or if we maimed another cousin.

We got in trouble, as always, but I took down Hitler. Even if he wasn't really Hitler, I knew at least the imaginary one was dead, and that was enough for me. Who would have guessed we would have walked into those woods as one terrorist and walk out looking like another?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

SOTD: Sleeping At Last- Next To Me

Yeah, I know it's not Monday, and I know this is from October, but for those of you that that haven't heard this wonderful group, you need to fix that. Now.

Sleeping at Last decided to come out with an album called "Yearbook" where they release 3 new songs every month. They also release cover art for those 3 songs and each section is titled with the month they were released. If you have a heart you will love this song. It is so precious and beautiful.

Listen. Love.

Oh, and buy their music here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

so far...

I already miss my $1 movie card pass.

2011, you'd better bring cool things like 2010 did.