Sunday, July 3, 2011

perpetually providential

I found this in my drafts, and i said to myself, "self, why you no post this a long time ago?" And then I remembered that I had been advised not to... I don't see why I shouldn't have, I'm just asking a question, which is something I'm allowed to do. And here it goes: I've spent days thinking about how I could phrase this topic without either being offensive or sounding like pretentious. Friends, I love you all. Don't think I'm picking on any of you; I'm most definitely preaching to the choir. So... here goes nothin!

I notice that a popular theme amongst the majority of my friends is proclaiming God's goodness or how providential He is when they get something they really wanted. Excuse me, but there is something missing in that phrase/ thought/ action, right?

I know that there are many of my friends that will go, "Clara, you're totally taking this out of context. Why so literal?". I don't really believe that I am taking anything out of context. How often do you see or notice God working in the crappiest of situations? How often do we give Him the glory when we have the flu, can't study for a test, have a child that is sick, or whatever your crappiest situation is? Seriously. Ask that question... daily. I know for a fact that I struggle with this more often than I'd like to admit.

I saw a friend tweet that they were "thankful for the Lord's providence..." because they got something they  wanted; which is now something they are not happy with (job... shockerrrr). I'm not getting on to them, I'm just now aware of how little we thank God for EVERYTHING. Not just the things we want. What if they hadn't gotten that job? I hate to think how I would have responded. Actually, I know how I would have responded, and that is heart breaking for me to think about. This whole post might be full of questions and no answers and that's okay to me. I don't believe I'm supposed to have answers. I believe I'm supposed to question and become aware of who I am, what I say, and what I do. Aren't the most annoying things you see in others the things that bother you most about yourself? Well, I'm bothered. *sound the alarm* I plan on taking action.

What bothers you?


  1. I think the answer you have alluded to and given is "rejoice in your tribulations." It's definitely a very biblical concept but maybe a hard one, especially in a society that praises comfort and safety. However, a lot of the believers I know may not always be very vocally jubilant about their tribulations but are at least solemnly reminded that God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Every now and then I see those tweets.

  2. I completely agree, Sir Thomas. I actually forgot I posted this until just now; and it also seems interesting that I would check now on my blog before I wrote something that was contradicting this. I will rejoice in my tribulations, or at least try, to the best of my ability, to walk through them with grace.